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Aujourd'hui - October 19, 2020

Mycroft Defeats Patent Trolls…Again…For Now - Mycroft

As we stated above, the trolls case was dismissed. Again. This time for not specifying how Mycroft actually infringed on their patents.

In addition, the patent troll’s case was stayed indefinitely pending the conclusion of two Inter Partes Reviews that have been filed against the troll’s patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Should those IPRs succeed ( and they will ) all of the troll’s intellectual property will be invalidated. This includes a half dozen additional patents they’re trying to obtain that are based on the original ( invalid ) patents.

It gets better though. Because the patent troll behaved like a patent troll ( i.e. not explicitly stating how Mycroft infringed ), Mycroft now has an iron clad case against the troll under Missouri law and can collect both expenses and damages.

Admittedly the trolls have two weeks to clarify how Mycroft infringes ( we don’t ) on their intellectual property ( which is invalid ) and, assuming their intellectual property survives the IPR process ( it won’t ), they can continue the case in a year or two. So it isn’t over….yet.